Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cover of Chaka Khan's "Sweet Thang"

My first ever open mic experience was a really interesting one.

The event was held at a venue called 143 located Downtown Brooklyn on Flatbush, not too far from Juniors. 

I never heard of programs of that sort where musicians were playing music behind artists who come from everywhere with a desire to share their talent. But there it was and since I was there, I decided I wanted to sing the only song I thought I knew all the words to.
I’d always been a fan of Chaka Khan. A friend asked me if there was any artist that if around I would get star struck by and my response was Chaka. She is just phenomenal. I am still surprised to have found out that this diva is 60 years old. She looks really good for her age.  

I was blessed with the opportunity to see her live in concert once. I was one of the many New Yorkers who stood out in the rain on July 4th a couple of years back to see her perform live on Good Morning America at Bryant Park and it was amazing. Rain or not, I danced as if the sun had a spotlight right there on me.
One of her songs I always loved was “Sweet Thang.” And since I listened to the song so many times, I thought I knew it enough to sing it at an open mic and so, I tried to. But when I got past the second verse, I forgot the lyrics and was so embarrassed that I walked off the stage without completing the song while the band was still playing.
That was over a decade ago, but the memory of it still remains as if it were new and fresh. That’s when I decided to listen more and to also try to remember. I know the words now and lots more songs than I probably should, but that is what I like to do most; sing.
“Sweet Thang” has lyrics that are meaningful. Whether you have been in a relationship or have had a crush on someone, you might be able to relate. I appreciate the melody and the tempo is really great. It’s jazzy and funky and all of that; one of the reasons I have loved this song all these years. 

Though I may not be able to do Miss Chaka’s song justice, I only want to be able to try to sing a song of such grandeur as this one. And so, here is my cover rendition of “Sweet Thang” done as part of a rehearsal  with keyboardist Rodney Dixon, for an upcoming event that will be happening in Long Island, NY in about a week.

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