Wednesday, January 22, 2014

In Rehearsal Mode: Sing Away Snow Day

All snowed in here in New York City.

I hate the cold and as fiery hot as music is to me, it definitely has the potential for warming me up. You probably didn't know this but music is my boyfriend. He treats me right and makes me feel so beautiful. You are what you attract and music is truly in its entirety the epitome of pulchritude.

So on this cold day, I decided to do the thing I loved doing the most; singing. 

What a perfect day to sing the tunes of a person I started listening to when I was barely in grade school and loved all my life. I think when Whitney Houston died,  I cried like a baby. She was definitely a favorite.

Today, I was inspired to practice some Whitney songs because I just recently entered into a contest sponsored by Track 1 Entertainment called "So You Think You Can Sing Contest, Tribute to Whitney" that will be held on February 11, 2014 from 9PM to Midnight at Brooklyn Night located at 497 DeKalb Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. 

If other true Whitney fans are amongst those in the competition, then it is going to be a really good competition because Whitney was definitely someone to exemplify as a singer.  Hopefully if you are not doing anything that night, you will make it there.

But for now, please check out Episode 3 of Rehearsal Modes of JNote: Sing Away Snow Days" featuring my cover of Whitney Houston's version of the Isley Brothers' "For the Love of You."


Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. God bless you!!!

Rehearsal Modes of JNote: Live Till I Die

I was asked by a friend to give to him a video of myself in rehearsal mode.

LOL! Who knew it would turn out to be something that got me not only singing covers but also sharing some of my graphic designs.  the following video is what a typical rehearsal would be like for me. I come home from my 9 to 5 and get right into it when the opportunity arises.

This video includes two covers. A piece of Kim Burrell's "Since Jesus Came In" and Al Hoffman's "Live Till I Die."  Also included is original sounds of music by JNote and Beatlife LI.  All art and video by Melodiaz Creations. 

God knew exactly what he was doing when he ushered friends into my life. For if it had not been for the inspiration of a good friend, I would have never got the idea of creating the following video blog post.  Please watch!!!

Thank you for checking out my blog everybody. I love you with the love of God. Peace and blessings!

Monday, January 20, 2014

A Poem & Song for Music Monday: Music Never Stops Raising My Heart Beat Premiums

Inspired by a writing prompt by Mama Kat; a blog post triggered by the word punched. And so here it is: a poem and a video blog post for music Monday entitled:  Music Never Stops Raising My Heart Beat Premiums by Stephanie Jeannot. Basically the theme of this whole thing is out with the old and in with the new. The onld being the cover of a classic tune by the Brand New Heavies, "Never Stop." The new being the theme song by BeatlifeLI and Stephanie Jeannot, "Premium" and also, the opening slide show and video editing by Melodiaz Creations. Praying you enjoy this!

The music playing

through my B28 eyes

Is making passionate love

to my ears and confines

Enough to fill my cup

Right up to the top

For I’ve been yearning for a melody

to get me to bop

It has that what you can say

crunch to it

The one that adds this tender

touch to it

It’s slurring and un-loose

enigma me

I’ve been punched in to that vision of lovelies

of Fresh sixteens and harmonies.

But first we start with

shells and boxes

the kinds that case

divas and foxes

before we enter into

them hopeful doors

to the rhythms of the soul

tearing up birthday suits on all fours

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog post.