Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Flowers of Hope for the Road Ahead

Flowers of hope for the road ahead.  
Hope in the face of difficulty is one of those challenges we ought to learn to tackle if our number one goal is to reveal the truth about our own selves that can often get buried under an avalanche of doubt

When you have the vision to see a world full of rainbows, you live your life like a bluebird singing the sweetest freedom song. You untangle the web of confusion and find better paths to chase the clouds away. You learn to take chances and how to use your power of conviction to tackle burdening problems. And you find strategies to empty your pocketful of dreams into your reality.

Perhaps that is what Mariah Carey was speaking about when she sung her song “Can’t Take That Away.” The tune which was made for me and for you, features a timeless message that who we are and what we want in life are things worth believing in and that our hopes should be more than just fleeting fantasies.

I love that she sings inspirational songs that let people know that anything in the whole wide world can be can be danced into our melodies at heart if we add God to the equations. Perfect example; you plus God, equates to success or your worries plus God equals freedom from them.

Today of all days was a day that this song came into my heart. For one, infinitesimal things of this world often come and do break my spirit just a little bit. But when the love of God flows deeper than an ocean, he has the power to make things alright if we include him into everything that we are and that we do. And then I thought about the presidential election and the debate that was happening tonight. 


When being pushed to the limit, sometimes you just have to let go and let God pick up the pieces.  Sometime you have to learn to trust in everything that you are and not feel too tired to hold on to God’s unchanging hand. And when slingers come to try to knock you down, sometimes you have to not let their words easily persuade you to give up and instead believe in the beautiful and unconditional love that God provides.


The war was definitely on tonight between our president and the republican candidate. In a few months, the race will be decided by our votes. And many have found a choice already and claimed a winner based on a fascinating night of back and forth conversation before the eyes of the world. One wants to go beyond the red door and one wants to retain his position.

I say to you President Obama, keep living your dream. Fight and never give up. Allow this debate to be an in-depth look of what you need to prepare yourself for in the next debate. You can have anything you want in this world if you never lose focus and  continue to keep faith in yourself and in God. If you pray and then doubt, you are defeating the purpose of getting on your knees and also fear is not of God. God has endowed you with great ability Mr President and I still believe in you and you still have my vote.  May God continue to bless you and keep you.

The cover tune featured is of the song “Can’t Take That Away.” I pray it lifts you up and helps to keep you grounded in your faith, in your duties which God anointed you to claim as yours and also relieves your mind even for a moment. I admit, I butchered the words a little bit getting caught up into the song but, I dedicate it to you and to anyone who has a goal, dream or is living in doubt. God bless you all!