Sunday, October 26, 2014

Our Love is Here to Stay

Jazz is such a wonderful artform.

The music and the colors of jazz; seems almost like a rainbow with shooting stars in the night after a rainstorm when the sky opens up and leaves you with a token of beauty to dwell within.

You can go to a club and enjoy live jazz music almost every single night in New York City; and not just in Manhattan, but in the other boroughs as well.

This past Monday, October 20, 2014 at For My Sweet Garden and Event Space/Kalahari Gallery located at 1103 Fulton Street in Brooklyn, NY, folks comfortably gathered in to take in a live performance by the Aqua Ninjas band lead by phenomenal bassist Kim Clarke. The night was filled with music by notable artists as George Duke, Eddie Jefferson, Cole Porter and more. 

While guests were mingling away and enjoying the sounds, the band invited them to the stage to join into the musical extravaganza.  Dalthanette Mulin definitely shined her light by adding a beautiful stroke of her energy to the night with her cover of one of the greatest jazz standards in history. "Our Love is Here to Stay" was written by George Gershwin and the lyrics by Ira Gershwin"  Please check out the live footage of her performance on youtube. Here is the link:

"The truest expression of a people is in its dance and music." - Agnes de Mille

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Who Do You Love

My name is Stephanie Jeannot and I am a singer, songwriter and performing artist from Brooklyn, NY. It is always fun when I can get onto any stage and sing any song that I have either come to know and love or that I learned to love after writing and producing an original song.

What a day it was to be on the big stage situated inside of Six Flags Great Adventures Theme Park where the COBANY celebrated their annual family day hosted by Norman Seabrook. Together with the ATM Band, we provided a portion of the musical entertainment and it was so live.

Other performing acts included the legendary Force MDs, the doo-wop group Legacy, Singer Bobby Wall, Comedians Purnell Halloway and Talent,  and rapper Fat Joe.

Great stage! Wonderful crowd! Exceptional soundmen! And yes, the song selections we decided to work with was wonderful. One of those tunes was an old classic by Bernard Wright entitled  "Who Do You Love."

It's a great tune. It's funky and the groove is really nice. And so, we got onto the band stage and as part of the celebration, we performed this song.  Please check out the YOUTUBE clip from the September 19, 2014 performance of the cover of "Who Do You Love" performed live at Six Flags Great Adventures. Here is the link:

Thank you for taking the time to read my blogpost and for watching my YouTube link. I truly appreciate your support. God bless you and have an amazing week.