Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cover of "You Send Me"


Sam Cooke popularized it and Rachelle Ferrelle added a taste of honey to it and made it even more beautiful, jazzy and sassy. I'm talking about the tune "You Send Me."

A nice ballad when sung as one and when turned into a swing tune, a grooving melody. Either way it is beautiful and I enjoy the listen. 

It was one evening on the North side of Long Island when the band I was working with introduced me to the song. I had never sang it and barely heard it once.  Crazily, the first version I'd ever listened to was Rachelle's, but they played Sam Cooke's version and asked me to sing it. You know what I did that night right?  I went home, did some homework and now, it is one of my favorite songs to sing.
I love the lyrics, the attitude and that there is room to improvise over it.

The other night, I stopped by Essence Bar in Brooklyn. I had already put the idea of going there out my head because it was kind of late and I almost did not make it, but I decided to stop by for a short minute to show some birthday love to my friend and got a chance to rock on the mic with the Jimmy Hill and the Black Ivory Band. When they asked for my song selection, I chose, "You Send Me!" Glad to have found out the musicians all knew the song and were able to swing it. And so, I performed it there and had a great time doing it. 

I would like to invite you to check out the complete video of my performance of the cover of "You Send Me."  Here is the link:

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