Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cover of Mariah Carey's Hero

I was in the fifth grade when Mariah Carey came out and inspired the world.  One song in particular that has a lot of meaning to me is “Hero.”
The words are just beautiful. It reminds me of the modern day “Greatest Love Of All.” Not only is it one of my favorite songs but it is also one that speaks life.  
The message that it gives inspires minds to follow dreams and to believe in something. I have so many heroes in my life: my parents, my sisters, my teachers and professors, friends, history makers and more.  Because I like to sing so much, I think it is a appropriate to start this cover series with a song to dedicate to all the heroes in my life.  You inspired me to be more than just myself but a greater version of who I am and for that I am grateful.