Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cover of Groove Theory's "Keep Trying"

My older sister was always an inspiration to me. 
As I was growing up, I always saw her moving about and being her; beautiful and strong.  Though we are different in so many ways, I always hoped in the back of mind to be as beautiful, strong and classy as her so that maybe my parents and the world would see good in me as they did in her.

Not only were her mannerisms influential, but so was her taste in music. She listened to such wonderful music. 
I was in High School when Groove Theory had that popular song “Tell Me” blasting all over the air waves. I always liked the song. 
A few years later, my sister introduced me to the music of Amel Larrieux and that is when I fell in love with her music.  She is such an awesome singer.  I have seen her about four times in concert and have since purchased all of her albums or singles that feature her on it. 
Oddly enough, I never realized that Larrieux was the lead singer of Groove Theory until then and that is when I began listening to Groove Theory even more.  Whether with the group or on her solo projects, I like the music that she breathes.  Pure fire!!!
Larrieux's voice is so serene.  I can listen to her music all day and never get tired.  There is one song in particular that I love.  “Keep Trying” was originally performed by Groove Theory back in the nineties.  The lyrics are positive and motivational.  I like how uplifting the message of the song is. But also, the groove is nice, the melody is cool and I like the way she sings it.  I am so happy my sister put me on to her.
This has been a remarkable year.  There have been both good and bad moments, but the important thing is that I survived it all and I am still here. Especially with school, singing, work and even love, I am learning to keep a more positive outlook on things,

A few days ago, I listened to this song for the first time in a long time and it made me realize that.  The hardest thing to do in life is to stay on course and not give up, even and especially when things do not go my way or someone lets me down. I know God still has the upper hand.


 This song says to keep trying. And since it has been on my mind, I felt like singing it.  Please check out my cover of “Keep Trying.”  Thank you for checking out my blog.

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