Saturday, August 16, 2014

Please Vote for Me in the Sarah Vaughan Internation Singing Competition

I love Jazz music and have been truly inspired by so many jazz artists that have come and graced the world with their wonderful talents. Sarah Vaughan is definitely one of those artists.

Her voice is da bomb. She has such an incredible range and her vocal stylings are fantastic. Some of the riffs that you hear in her songs, you do not hear from any other vocalist's voice. I love the depth of her voice and I like her approach a lot.

Often times, I find myself doing searches on artists or singing opportunities on Google. And surprisingly, I came across the Sarah Vaughan International Singing Competition and so decided to join in. For one, Sarah Vaughan has the biggest playlist of songs on my IPOD. I could listen to her voice and sing along with her all day and never get tired. Her songs and the way she sings them always makes me feel like getting on my feet and singing; wherever I am.

So when I went to the Indaba Music site and saw that this competition was live and on-going, I decided that it would only be right to honor such a wonderful singer as the Divine One.

The contest directs each singer to upload three selections that Sarah Vaughan sang by either downloading the track made available to competitors or some other suggested songs featured on a PDF file to choose from.

I'd like to invite you today to listen to y submissions and please if you listen and you liked what you heard, vote.  The only way for me to advance to the next round is by the votes of anyone willing to vote for me. I hope you will! Here are the links:

Thank you in advance for voting!