Saturday, December 10, 2016

Chestnuts Roasting on a Professor Roman G Mitchell Trumpet Call

Most people refer to the song as CHESTNUTS. Perhaps it is  because the iconic Christmas carol that everyone has grown to love begins with the word chestnuts.

The song, more commonly known as THE CHRISTMAS SONG was written in 1945 by Bob Wells and Mel Torme. It touched hearts mainly because of its feel good nature. One could just sink into the sound and melt without even joining into the chorus; though, once you hear the song, you are tempted to sing-along. Do you feel the same way?

A host of individuals have covered this tune, adding their own flair of soulfulness from their little corner of creativity, to the joyous tune.

I invite you all to check out the beautiful, instrumental rendition of this tune performed by the Medgar Evers Jazz Ensemble featuring

Nathaniel Manning . . .  Drums
Professor Roman Mitchell . . . Trumpet
Steven Lawrence . . . Piano

We are well on our way within the 25 days of Christmas. Tomorrow marks the second week of Advent and today just seems like the perfect day to enjoy 
some holiday cheer. 

Check out the very cheerful and wonderful rendition of 
THE CHRISTMAS SONG aka "Chestnuts" here:

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